Association of Mature American Citizens

Folks, for many of you approaching – or in – retirement, there’s no more important issue than health care.

For the next two years, liberals in Congress will be pushing one big idea. It’s called “Medicare for All.”

What does it mean?

Your MEDICARE is under attack.

YOUR Medicare – the program YOU and millions of senior Americans paid into – will be open to ALL Americans.

Which is just Democrats trying once again to socialize medicine.

These bills won’t just CHANGE Medicare. They’ll DESTROY it.

They’ll create massive rationing regimes. And massive tax increases too.

One group is fighting to protect seniors,
and help prevent Medicare from turning into BernieCare:

AMAC, the conservative alternative to AARP.

Don’t let them turn Medicare into BernieCare.

CheckboxI pledge to stand with AMAC in this fight to protect our Medicare.